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Also in this issue:

  • Pictured in History: Sir Edmund Hillary visits
  • Quest Aircraft goes global
  • Artist and naturalist Karen Robinson
  • Reclaiming the Kootenai and Clark Fork rivers
  • Alpacas figure large in local agriculture
  • Hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail.
  • In the footsteps of famed photographer Dorothea Lange
  • Sandpoint's nightlife scene
  • Dining guide
  • Relocation case studies
  • Natives and newcomers
  • A modern "barn raising"
  • Real estate market watch
  • And... yep... much more!

Summer 2014

Ever since the first tracks were laid through northern Idaho in the 1880s, trains have provided industry, transport and a soundtrack to our lives. Now, with far-away markets creating yet more traffic, trains are poised to become an even larger presence. Get aboard, for our exclusive package of stories on the trains in our lives. Plus, much more in our Summer 2014 issue!

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