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Winter 2022

The snows are here … and so is the Winter 2022 Sandpoint Magazine, loaded with stories, info and glorious photography on the delights of the season.

From snow caving to cross-country skiing, to opportunities to put blade to ice, to insightful features and the latest info on restaurants, real estate and activities, our new edition offers up a cornucopia of ways to enjoy winter, Sandpoint style!

And … inside this issue of Sandpoint Magazine is the 2021-22 edition of Schweitzer Magazine, with the complete lowdown on mountain happenings.

And there’s plenty more. Pick up the magazine at 200+ locations around the region. Check it all out in Winter ’22… and get ready for some fun.

Summer 2021

Here comes Summer … and after the pandemic year we’ve (hopefully!) put behind us, here’s hoping it is the Greatest OAll Time.

And speaking of GOATs, our Summer 2021 edition of Sandpoint Magazine might just rank right up there. From our cover story on the mountain goats of Scotchman Peak – itself northern Idaho’s tallest mountain and a terrific day hike – to the history-making Sandpoint High graduate who is the nation’s first female F-35 combat fighter pilot, our new edition goes high in more ways than one.

And there’s more to read, of course. Meet the amazing Flammulated owls, go trail building with the Pend Oreille Pedalers, read about the increased waterfront access coming for Ponderay, take look inside local nonprofits KRFY Radio and Sandpoint Community Resource Center, wrestle GNARly issues of growth here… and more.

And here’s something fun: Want to win tickets to movies at Sandpoint Cinemas and the Panida Theater? We’re giving away two tickets every week this summer! Click to go enter»

That’s not to mention the always-excellent coverage of real estate, dining and cuisine, local history, events and happenings. It’s all inside Summer ’21. Enjoy!

Winter 2021

With La Nina promising a snowy winter around these parts, our brand-new Winter ’21 edition of Sandpoint Magazine will guide you to all you need to know about living here in winter, from ways to have fun amid the big changes at Schweitzer, to winter’s finest home accessory – aka, the fireplace! – to the best place to stop off for a hearty, apres-ski meal.

New! Inside this issue is the 2020-21 Schweitzer Magazine!

And guess what? It’s our 30th anniversary edition. We take a look back at some of the most memorable stories from our first three decades. Plus, we’ve posted a trio of fun quizzes on “What’s Changed in 30 years?” And if you know Sandpoint even a little, the changes are kinda eye-opening. Try ’em: Quiz No. 1 | Quiz No. 2 | Quiz No. 3.

Check out literature that lights our town, art around the community, plus the people and places that make Sandpoint what it is. Enjoy Winter ’21!

Sandpoint Magazine Winter 2021

Summer 2020

Beneath its green forests and cool lake waters, the heart of North Idaho is in its rocks. And with our Summer 2020 issue, we take you to into the heart, with the fascinating stories on the amazing geological forces that built this place, the riches that miners dug out of the rock, and today’s most thrilling rocky, scrambling adventures. Plus, enjoy stunning photos of some of the coolest rocks around.

Also… meet the musical mom whose passion for piano led to the creation of the acclaimed Redhead Express; see how to access our outdoor activities with the support of local guides, celebrate 100 years with our local Elks, and discover the many ways that kindness drives our community. And that’s just to scratch the (rocky) surface of our Summer 2020 edition. Go see now, with a click to our flip-page edition.

Summer 2020 Sandpoint Magazine

Winter 2020

When cold weather arrives, Sandpoint gets into recreation mode, winter style! And with our Winter 2020 issue we cover the season’s prime activities at literally every speed. From the quiet pastimes of snowshoeing and cross country skiing to the growing sport of fat tire biking to the thrilling power of snowbiking, there’s info and how-to for all velocities this winter. Plus, read in-depth coverage of the big changes at Schweitzer Mountain Resort that will change the face of skiing and riding our favorite mountain.

Also… meet Idaho’s teacher in space, find out how the Granary Arts District is blooming, meet winter farmers who grow food year-round, learn the history of our amazing scenic bridges … and much more. Click to our flip-page edition now. And get inspired for a wonderful winter in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Summer 2019

So, what do YOU love about mighty and majestic Lake Pend Oreille? That’s a big subject considering how big our lake is, but we have it covered in our Summer 2019 issue. Learn about locals’ favorite places to swim, fish, walk, paddle, camp, spot wildlife and more. It’s a lake lovin’ extravaganza!

Plus… read about WOMEN WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, meet the local author of national bestseller WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, go HIKING THE SELKIRK CREST, celebrate 70 years with BONNER GENERAL HEALTH, see how SWAC BECAME YMCA and go for a ride with THE CAROUSEL OF SMILES. It’s all right here, plus an awful lot more, in our flip-page edition. Welcome to Summer!

Sandpoint Magazine Summer 2019

Winter 2019

Meet our wild neighbors! Sandpoint, it can be said, is where the wild things are, and you can read about a few of those wild things in our Winter 2019 issue! Learn about the MOOSE we see all the time, in town and out … and about the far more surreptitious WILY WEASELS. Then go on to discover SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS in Sandpoint’s history; the return of the region’s native language; the ‘miracle’ on Pine Street; and a group of Sandpoint retailers who are SURVIVING AND THRIVING downtown.

Plus… don’t miss stories on Sandpoint’s HOPPING GROWTH as a craft beer town, the search for SEARS CATALOG HOMES, and an interview with Sandpoint’s newly minted Hall of Famer, JERRY KRAMER. It’s all right here, plus more, in our flip-page edition.

Winter 2019 Sandpoint magazine

Summer 2018

In the face of the flames. This summer, Sandpoint Magazine is on fire, with substantive information on our area’s increased wildland fire risk, the men who fight it, and related issues. In addition, learn about quartz hunting at Solo Creek, an introduction to sailing, the last stand for area caribou, an ultimately challenging footrace, and the most elusive creature in our woods… Sasquatch!

Plus, don’t miss stories on vacation rentals, beautiful gardens, and author Rachel Jeffs, who grew up in a notorious polygamous cult and has now found freedom… and a new life… in Bonners Ferry. All that, and more, in our flip-page edition right here.

Winter 2018

Wintertime extremes. This winter, Sandpoint Magazine gets out there … or at least, our contributors do, with stories on the new heliskiing operations from Selkirk Powder Company, a tag-along with some extreme snowshoers, a drop-in to a backcountry cabin, our local youth skiers with SARS racing club, and at the other end of the spectrum the Prime Timers skiers … and so much more.

Plus, terrific stories on a huge demographic gap here … the “missing millennials” … Q&A with Olympic skier Rebecca Dussault … a visit with some artists among us … five styles of local living … and yes (as we say around here) so much more. Click to read the magazine online»

Summer 2017

Little boats, big adventures. This summer, Sandpoint Magazine paddles full-speed into the kayaking boom on big ol’ Lake Pend Oreille, with the story of a kayak adventure around the entire 111-mile shoreline. Plus a map to great launch points, and a bonus adventure on down the mighty Pend Oreille River.

And … mountain biking and hiking; an octogenarian adventuress, Nicky Pleass; and even adventures in art with stone artist Mark Heisel and “Whinny Nicker Neigh” artist Shellby Young.

Ready to get your adventure on? Click to read it.

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