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Summer 2018

In the face of the flames. This summer, Sandpoint Magazine is on fire, with substantive information on our area’s increased wildland fire risk, the men who fight it, and related issues. In addition, learn about quartz hunting at Solo Creek, an introduction to sailing, the last stand for area caribou, an ultimately challenging footrace, and the most elusive creature in our woods… Sasquatch!

Plus, don’t miss stories on vacation rentals, beautiful gardens, and author Rachel Jeffs, who grew up in a notorious polygamous cult and has now found freedom… and a new life… in Bonners Ferry. All that, and more, in our flip-page edition right here.

Winter 2018

Wintertime extremes. This winter, Sandpoint Magazine gets out there … or at least, our contributors do, with stories on the new heliskiing operations from Selkirk Powder Company, a tag-along with some extreme snowshoers, a drop-in to a backcountry cabin, our local youth skiers with SARS racing club, and at the other end of the spectrum the Prime Timers skiers … and so much more.

Plus, terrific stories on a huge demographic gap here … the “missing millennials” … Q&A with Olympic skier Rebecca Dussault … a visit with some artists among us … five styles of local living … and yes (as we say around here) so much more. Click to read the magazine online»

Summer 2017

Little boats, big adventures. This summer, Sandpoint Magazine paddles full-speed into the kayaking boom on big ol’ Lake Pend Oreille, with the story of a kayak adventure around the entire 111-mile shoreline. Plus a map to great launch points, and a bonus adventure on down the mighty Pend Oreille River.

And … mountain biking and hiking; an octogenarian adventuress, Nicky Pleass; and even adventures in art with stone artist Mark Heisel and “Whinny Nicker Neigh” artist Shellby Young.

Ready to get your adventure on? Click to read it.

Winter 2017

Here’s an issue to make you flutter, especially if you adore our feathered friends whooo join us each year for the snowy season. Check our photo-rich guide to winter birding in North Idaho. And for more wildness, read about urban moose plus the folks who search the woods for elk, deer and moose sheds.

And there is an avalanche of other stories to read by the fire. Stories explore the effects of climate change and what it means for our winters; the new summit lodge at Schweitzer; and a fond farewell to the Schweitzer Wang Shack. There’s an introduction to the sport of snow biking, up-close interview with Clark Fork native and Super Bowl Champ Ron Heller, and a peek at the artwork of Megan Atwood Cherry.

All that and … yes … more: Real estate, dining, lodging, things to do. Click to read it!

Summer 2016

Sandpoint has gone to the DOGS. Yep, this issue is all about how our town is becoming a dog’s best friend. Explore Sandpoint’s dog-loving culture and meet some distinctive local dogs with fascinating stories. Plus check out the Sandpoint Ambassadog contest – and enter your own favorite canine to become Sandpoint’s official spokesdog.

Of course, that’s not all. Learn the history behind local peaks, how the Idaho Community Foundation is powered locally, the splendid satisfactions of sailing, super secret hiking spots, and what surprises lie deep down in our big lake. Meet organic farmers, the Phi Center’s charismatic Iris DeMauro, sculptor Steve Gevurtz, photographer Marsha Lutz, and seven generations of country gals. Read the history of Sandpoint’s 100-year-old railroad depot, and go bicycling on the International Selkirk Loop.

And more: Real estate, dining, lodging, things to do … all in our town’s flagship magazine.

Winter 2016

If you think Sandpoint Magazine’s been around awhile, you’re right. The Winter 2016 issue marks our 25th anniversary! For our silver anniversary, we take a stroll down memory lane with 25 for our 25th — highlights from 25 favorite stories. With a couple thousand stories published, choosing just 25 wasn’t easy!

Of course, that’s not all. We delve into the season with a veritable exposé on Winter, the season that defines us and,  frankly, occasionally denies us. Also out-of-doors, we explore skiing with Panhandle Backcountry plus the ski life at Schweitzer. We interview journalist Cindy Wooden, Sandpoint’s Vatican and Pope Francis connection.

And there’s much more: mountain lions, art, fab photography, a history-making senator, theater and Mr. Clark Fork. To mention a few. Now, go read it!

Summer 2015

Uncovering the mysteries of the deep, Sandpoint Magazine reveals the secret lives of fishes in our waters – from the mighty Gerrard Kamloops rainbow trout to the bizarre-looking burbot. Read about kokanee and other famous fish of Lake Pend Oreille, sturgeon and burbot hanging in the balance in Kootenai River, and warmwater imports, not to mention excellent essays on furred and feathered fishers and crick fishing.

Also in this issue: world photography by Alan Barber … sculptor Mark Kubiak’s open-air museum … diary of 1887 New York sportsmen on expedition to Priest Lake … Bonner General Health’s expansion … Bonners Ferry, a town in transformation … an interview with Cold War spy Leonard LeSchack … a sensational Summer Nights photo essaysunset hikes … and more. Hooray for summer!

Sandpoint Magazine Summer 2015

Winter 2015

You needn’t be a local Sandpointer to get the whimsy of our Dances with Winter cover, with  boot-clad celebrants doing a happy dance on frozen Lake Pend Oreille. But as our Winter Dance cover story describes, the season brings a multitude of SSTD* once the snow falls and waters begin to freeze. Also in this issue: Visual treats from artist Catherine EarleSchweitzer Lifties live the dream … Kirk Miller’s fantastic sunrise photography … the sawmill revolution that technology hath wrought … Sages of the Skies, profiling two aviators … an interview with Iditarod Chief Veterinarian Stuart Nelson … a terrific winter wildlife photo essay … riding the rails, Amtrak style … in Coldwater Creek’s wake … and so much more. Winter’s here. Time to put on your dancing’ Sorels!
*That’s Stupid Stuff To Do in winter

Sandpoint Magazine Winter 2015

Summer 2014

Trains seem ever-present around Sandpoint – and in fact, they have been since our town’s very beginning. Ever since the first tracks were laid here in 1882 with the sweat of Chinese laborers, trains have provided industry, transport and a soundtrack to our lives. With traffic increasing due to coal and oil transport, trains are poised to be an even larger presence. Get aboard, for our exclusive package of stories on the trains in our lives. Plus: An interview with beloved singer-songwriter Charley Packard … following in the photographic footsteps of Dorothea LangeEthan and His Fantastic TreehouseQuest Aircaft soars … Coldwater Creek goes dry … and a veritable trainload more!

Winter 2014

December 4, 1963 was a huge day for Sandpoint … the day Schweitzer vaulted from a gleam in the eyes of a few die-hard skiers into a bona fide ski mountain. As Schweitzer celebrates its first half century, here’s a look back at its storied history.

Also: An exclusive interview with former Soviet spy and bank robber Christopher Boyce. Boyce was the subject of the true-crime book and movie “The Falcon and the Snowman,” and he fled here to hide in 1980-81 while U.S. Marshals scoured the globe to capture him. Now paroled, his is a fascinating story that echoes current themes of treason and government abuse.

PLUS: The Sages of Sandpoint … remembering adventure photographer Patrick Orton … “Hyperbole and a Half'” blogger Allie BroshSea Shepherd Katie Adams … Sandpoint’s Baaken Oil Field commuters … and more.

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