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Winter 2013

For our Boundless Backcountry cover story, it’s into the hinterland – times three, as our intrepid writers strap on the backcountry skis and boards for trips to Roman Nose, Caribou Mountain and the “wild west side” of Schweitzer Mountain.

Also featured: Small Town, Big Ideas. We delve deep into the very psyche of three of Sandpoint’s leading entrepreneurs.

PLUS: Interview with Outside senior editor Grayson Schaffer Sandpoint as College Town … the Nordic Ski Explosion … the Artist Nan CooperSchweitzer Goes High-TechOld-Time Architecture … and more, of course

Summer 2012

They’re ubiquitous here, around Lake Pend Oreille and other lakes and streams. In our Mighty Osprey cover story, learn about the magnificent and fascinating ‘fish hawks’ that dive completely under water to catch fish with a natural history that amazes.

Among a pile of other features, the Potters of Sandpoint will introduce you to crafters of sublime ceramics, while A Million Feet from Five Dollars takes us back to Sandpoint’s mining history.

PLUS: Interview with Astronaut John PhillipsOur Farming Heritage … the Public Art Explosion … the Rise of Downtown … a Selkirks Lake-Hopping Adventure … and a whole lot more.

Winter 2012

By one definition, it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong. In Thrills and Spills: 6 Winter Adventures (Some Gone Awry) a half dozen slightly out-there folks recount their own adventures in the North Idaho wild.

Also featured: Skijoring, Anyone? Surely you know what skijoring is all about. Well, it has something to do with horses. And skiers. And more somewhat out-there folks.

PLUS: Interview with German industrialist Klaus GroenkeAvalanche Hunters … the Art of Peter Goetziner … the Search for Mustelids … a Winter Love Photo Essay … and so very much more.

Summer 2011

It’s a truly amazing story: The biggest floods in the history of the planet, set off repeatedly during last Ice Age, right here at Lake Pend Oreille. In Imagine: Colossal Ice Age Floods we tell how geologists have pieced together this incredible tale – and how Sandpoint was at its very nexus.

Also featured: Dead Men Tell No Tales, a look back at the history revealed in nine North Idaho cemeteries.

PLUS: Interview with Nike Air Jordan Designer Tinker HatfieldAdventure MotorbikingWhitewater Padding Local RiversExtreme Plein Air in the ScotchmansPend Oreille’s Storied Fishery … and a whole creel more.

Winter 2011

Whew. That was a lot of work … for, like two decades! In this special commemorative issue, 20 Years, we take the occasion of Sandpoint Magazine’s 20th anniversary to look back at all the things that have passed through our pages – and what some of our local leaders think the next 20 might hold for our town.

And maybe most fascinating: Where Are They Now? catches up with the 40 accomplished individuals featured over the years in the Sandpoint Magazine interview, just to see what they’re up to now.

PLUS: Interview with Olympic Snowboarder Nate Holland … the Resurgent Theater SceneTeens and Art … Pushing Boundaries at SchweitzerUbiquitous YogaSnowcattin’ Our Backcountry … and, yes, much more.

Summer 2010

It just makes sense – some would say, horse sense – that one of the biggest pastimes and lifestyles around here would make into our pages one day. In Horse Heaven: Sandpoint’s Equine Culture, we take a gallop into our town’s big equestrian scene.

And, in our feature Hiking Tales Mom Shouldn’t Read, a collection of wilderness wayfarers tell their stories of dumbness and derring-do in our mountains.

PLUS: Interview with hot musical talent, Bomshel’s Kristy OsmunsonTriathlon a la Carte … the Art of Dan Earle and Jackie HenrionThree Centennials … the 1910 Fire RememberedSandpoint Philanthropists … and more.

Winter 2010

Every rider remembers their  First Season at Schweitzer , and these three Schweitzerites lived to tell of it.• Bonner General HospitalLake Whitefish in Pend OreilleFleeting Moments at West Fork CabinImmigrants in SandpointInterview: classical guitarist Leon Atkinson • Plus, Sandpoint-Africa connections, Winter Tracks photo essay, and real estate features on Sandpoint as a retirement mecca, a haven for self-sufficient types and home to new commercial spaces, and much more.

Summer 2009

Come to Sandpoint on a summer day and you will notice “people on bikes”  get the Fat Tires and Life on Two Wheels low down • David Thompson BicentennialSandpoint Transition InitiativeHiking the Selkirks with an ArtistChange in Sandpoint: Education • Plus, interview with Intermountain Community Bancorp CEO Curt Hecker, road names that bear lasting legacies, a fuel-free adventure with five friends, an ode to the Sand Creek rope swing and much more.

Winter 2009

On the Cover this issue is a fabulous Doug Marshall photo from the Photo essay “Joy of Winter” but inside stories include: Schweitzer: Launchpad for Snow Pros • Backcountry with Selkirk Powder Company • Sandpoint-born Sarah Palin • Interview: Paul Schaller, Quest Aircraft CEOFirst Ski Descent in the Monarchs • North Idaho Winter Wildlife • Sandpoint Community Theater ComebackEscape from the Dust Bowl • Plus,  daily painters, singing in the choir, then-and-now for SHS Valedictorians, the boom in thrift stores and much more.

Summer 2008

Natural attractions, open all-year around, cost of admission is free and the views are stunning. The most popular hikes in North Idaho will have few visitors and a high “wow” factor, read  Five Easy Sandpoint-Area Hikes in this issue.

Then see what this town used to be in  Sandpoint Archaeology Dig • Other easy reads Bonner County’s Last Dairy FarmersArtists Lisa VanDerKarr • Lake Pend Oreille Book • Plus, feature interview with quarterback Jake Plummer, spectacular Pack River Delta, three decades of POAC, the Forrest Bird Aviaton Museum, and much more.

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