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Also in this issue:

Tackling the Challenge
LOR Foundation provides resources to improve community

Why you aren’t reading Kootenai Magazine

Uplifting Experience
Aerospace program fuels kids’ dreams

Art Among Us
Lives shaped by art

Look Up!
There are exciting things to see in our night sky

Moving with the Times
NIC at Sandpoint responsive to local demand

Schweitzer Reaches for the Skies
Summit lodge crowns mountain changes

Schweitzer Alpine Racing School
is aging powerfully

Schweitzer Chapel
A 40-year mission to serve

Missing Millennials
Statistics show important absence in Bonner County

Leaving Civilization Behind
These hikers don’t know when to quit

Off the Beaten Path
Sandpoint family caretakers of Boulder Hut

Winter 2018

Behold the glorious winter. Our 28th annual winter magazine offers up stories to motivate discovery of the snowy season – indoors and out, with tales of adventure, art, community and culture. Cover stories on heliskiing and extreme snowshoeing plus backcountry hut living, the SARS racers and others take will readers from armchair to adventure.

Also not to miss: a feature interview with Olympic skier Rebecca Dussault; a visit with four artists who make the art among us, profiles of local groups from Angels Over Sandpoint to the LOR Foundation, a search for the missing millennials, plus many more. Click to read the flip-page edition.

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