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Ruth Wimberly

From the Summer 2019 Issue

Ruth Wimberly is the embodiment of volunteerism. In the 13 years she and husband Dan have lived in Sandpoint, she has worked tirelessly for eight different causes in our community, and continues to do so.

The couple moved from Sacramento, California after visiting friends here. They were seeking a place to retire with mountains and lakes, but more importantly, “we wanted a real community.” They attended a roast for the late Jim Lippi back in 2001 and were charmed “by the sense of community, the warmth, the humor” they observed.

Wimberly was raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota and she can affect a Minnesota accent quite readily. She earned her undergraduate degree from North Dakota State in Fargo, and her master’s in human resources at Golden Gate University.

Wimberly had a career in human resources and she continues to work out of her home as a consultant for local clients—Wimberly Resources. This requires keen knowledge of human resource law.

She is most proud of her eight-year stint on the board for Kinderhaven, a group foster home and emergency shelter for children who have been removed from their home for protection. During two of those years she served as president; she presently sits on its advisory board.

As president of the board of trustees for the Bonner County Historical Society, she leads school tours and works to continue efforts to sponsor more events at the museum, such as the movies in the park in the summer.

Angels Over Sandpoint benefits from Wimberly’s involvement. She has streamlined the yearly backpack giveaway to underprivileged children throughout the county and volunteers at Angels’ fundraisers.

At the St. Joseph’s soup kitchen she does cleanup some Friday evenings. Also, she volunteers at the food bank putting together food bags for children to take home from school on the weekends. She is a member of the Community Assistance League and volunteers at the Bizarre Bazaar. She has been on the kayak rescue team for 10 years for the Long Bridge Swim. She also volunteers each year at the arts and crafts fair at Sandpoint City Beach as a relief person for vendors, and works the front gate at the Festival at Sandpoint.

She attributes her charitable nature and spirit of volunteerism to her mother. “Her philosophy was to be a part and to give back. I have three sisters and we all volunteer a lot.”

When not volunteering, Wimberly hikes with the Monday Hikers, a group that snowshoes 3-6 miles or hikes 8-10 miles. She attends Cedar Hills Church. She enjoys downhill skiing, kayaking, and she gardens. She also enjoys cooking; she formerly taught home economics.

In addition, Wimberly loves dogs and cats and is commanded to go on long walks by her dog every day.

2 responses to “Ruth Wimberly”

  1. john furr says:

    For Ruth Wimberly, I’d like to know how y’all are doing,
    Jon Furr

  2. Jack E Waller says:

    Ruth, this is a long shot but… I would love to say hello to Dan. I’m Jack Waller and I am still in Prague 20+ years after he and I (and you for a short visit) were here. You both have been doing allot of great work since you moved from Folsom to Sandy point.

    Jack [email protected]

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